Thursday, December 23, 2010

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This blog does get comments from time to time, even from Mayor Belsky, and I'm not sure if everyone can find them. They trail the various posts (some under "archive") and in teeny-tiny Googleblog letters, if a comment was left, there is a place to click to read them. You can also subscribe to the blog and the comments individually directly in the right hand column.

Dan offered a helpful comment last night. "Couple questions: 1) what's the best way to express our concerns to the candidates; and 2) I don't know Steve Mandel so why is it not surprising he wouldn't want to reimburse those who have already paid in?" Dan is clearly a strategic thinker and person of action!

1) Lots of ways to express our opinion thanks to social media and the fact that we're a rather small city.

If you don't want to go through all the technical and other details, you merely need to tell the candidates that you support Debra's position on the Sanitary Sewer Program and that you will not support a mayoral candidate who does not actively work now to fix this situation before the election. They will understand. They will be sympathetic. Tell them that this isn't enough, that you want to see action now.

You can:
  • Send a message: Both candidates have Facebook pages: Nancy's and Terri's. If you'd rather deliver your thoughts more directly, Terri's email address: and Nancy's: They also have websites.
  • Call them (I just don't want to publish their home numbers but they are in the book...)
  • Talk to them when they visit your home. Nancy showed up at my home a few weeks ago in the cold!
  • Let them know when you run into them at Sunset Foods and other stores.
Let the blog know if you contact them and what their response is. If you do not wish to be published, that will be respected. If you need my personal e-mail address, that will be provided if you leave a comment on the blog and request it.

2) Why wasn't it wasn't a surprise that Steve Mandel was a vocal opponent of Terri Olian's brave position at the budget meeting that the Councilmen address the issue of reimbursement in planning for 2011?

My brother has been writing City Councilmen for more than two years now. Until recently, Steve never even responded to those letters. (And neither did any other Councilman, except for Michael Brenner.) In November, Steve finally sent an e-mail in response David's umpty-ninth correspondence that demanded reimbursement.

Steve responded that he is opposed to the continuation of the Sanitary Sewer Program, although for the past two years he has done nothing to place it on the agenda and get rid of it. (Actions speak louder than words.)

However, Steve further told my brother that he was opposed to reimbursing the residents who already paid for this unsupportable Program. Seems that years ago Steve's parents had to pay for Ridge Road being paved, and that they weren't going to get their money back just because it is not the City's policy anymore with regard to improving arterial roads. He ended his e-mail with a something that purported to be an analogy stating that if he (Steve) was able to get his taxes reduced from them being doubled, that would not save him from the years he was unfairly taxed.

I guess Councilman Mandel thinks the City should operate under the principle that "oh, well, life is tough, it isn't fair, get over it." He did nothing to respond to the complaints before my brother and other HP residents were targeted as individual residents, and has done nothing since. And, now, that these targeted residents have been relieved of their hard earned cash (remember, we're talking $5000-20,000) upon threat of a lien for a program he no longer supports (at least in theory), it is no surprise that he opposed Terri Olian when she raised the question of reimbursement. (The fact that he also supports Nancy Rotering as the candidate may also weigh into his vocal opposition at that meeting, but, who knows?)

BTW, we do give Steve Mandel credit for finally replying to my brother's e-mail. Shortly afterward, Nancy Rotering called my brother. Terri Olian and I had a long chat about the issue. There remain three other Councilmen who in nearly three years have never responded once to any of the letters sent to City Hall with copies to them.

You can reach Steve Mandel at He is most welcome to articulate his position in a comment to this blog.

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